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Painted Denim

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First, as this is the first blog post, let me just say thank you for visiting! The site is just getting up and running so you may see some change as I fine tune your experience.

Painted denim sign backgrounds are the single most asked about technique. An easy peasy and fun way to liven up any painted surface. I first learned a variation of this from a very talented furniture revamper, Marilyn Coats of Denim and Diamonds.

Start with a well sanded piece of wood and an old pair of jeans you are ready to toss out. Cut an interesting textured piece or two large enough to completely cover your wood. They will be covered in paint.

You will need white paint, blue paint the color of the denim you wish to achieve, a brush, and you are ready to rock and roll.

Paint the background solid white. Let dry completely.

For the blue paint you will need to work quickly without stopping. Paint over the white with enough paint for about 75% coverage. Not covering 75% of the wood but rather painting the entire piece allowing some of the white to still show through. Immediately lay your denim on top of the paint completely covering the piece you are working with. Press down paying particular attention to any thick areas such as seams or pockets. Without moving the denim press gently on all areas. This will imprint the texture into the paint.

Allow the material to set in the paint about 30 seconds. Carefully peel the denim up without allowing it to retouch the paint as you go. And you now have a denim look surface to paint!

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