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Happy 2016!

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A new relaunch for the new year.


Having to close up shop just a couple of months after opening was a minor set back. Turned out I couldn't have surgery on a broken foot and ship pallet signs at the same time, lol. Now it's a new year and although I am not running anywhere soon, I sure am walking and well. 

So thank you for your patience. I have been plotting and planning new designs, new lines, and cannot wait to share them. Over 30 new sign designs are in the works as I write this. Talk about watching paint dry...

In addition to adding loads of new products, I will also be offering classes in the very near future. A workshop/studio location is being finalized and a class menu to bring the party to your house is being edited. Now that should be fun! You and your guests or group will be able to select a sign type and size ahead along with a custom design or one of our unique designs, pay online, and then get ready for fun. I will bring table covering, prebuilt and sanded signs, all the paints/stains needed, precut stencils based on design choices, aprons, and embellishments to leave with your beautifully crafted sign.

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Happy New Year,



I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!

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