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The Artfully Yours Story

My name is Denise and I am a sign head. It is just one step away from an actual sign addict. 

I create personal art for your home to inspire, enhance, add meaning to your surroundings, and to just plain have fun.

Unique handpainted signs tell a story and add your story to a work or living space. They can inspire or motivate. They remind us gently of special people in our lives. Handcrafted signs declare our interests, values, or even make us laugh. They are an artwork that is accessible  and designed to show what you love.

I have been creating stuff since my Aunt Barbara replaced my crayons with pastel chalks at the age of five. Whether it was sewing, knitting, quilting, painting or, well you get the picture, I have measured my life in stitches, yardage, paints, skeins, and pallets. 

Living on the San Francisco peninsula I do not lack for inspiration with stunning beaches or virgin Redwood forests just a short drive away. I have been selling my pieces by word of mouth for several years while also working as a general manager for a local chef supply house. This past summer I decided to pursue my passion for creating full time.

I have a carefully chosen team that helps bring my vision to reality. My husband. Okay, I never said hired help. Or even willing. He is the one, however, that has to wear a garment for testing durability. He is also the proud  recipient of all epic fails I create.

He is responsible for the tear down and reconstruction of reclaimed wood or pallets into sign canvases. Those pieces are then turned over to me for sanding, staining, design, and painting.

The products I use are of a wide variety. Most of wood  is reclaimed or pallet as we believe in repurpose and reuse. And what is more fun than turning something with history into a treasure for today? Stains vary, but I prefer my home made vinegar mix. Paints range from hand mixed milk paints to homemade chalk paint to mineral paints.

In the news section of this site, you will find a technique "how to".  I enjoy knowing that my customers can feel confident in my process or even make their own version.

Follow Artfully Yours on Facebook and Pinterest. I hope you enjoy your visit. If you have questions, please contact me via e-mail at